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Painting and sculpture      

Creation of figurative or non figurative 2D or 3D works. Work for institutions within the framework of events. 

Teaching and training        

Teacher in space design, graphic design, visual communication, and artistic culture. 

Host of workshops for children in plastic arts.

Organization of exhibitions for students.

Graphics and Design 

Graphic designer in communication and advertising.

Textile designer, development of spaces in architecture and interior decorating.

SOME DATES                                                                                                                    


Masters in Plastic Arts (title of thesis was “Assembly, Accumulation and Recovery: the recycled object) from the University of Provence.


Graduate in graphic design - Axe Sud Marseille, Ecole de Condé.

1993 - 1998

Graphic designer and assistant in communication (graphism and illustration) Societe ”Logirem” in Marseille, as well as free lance work for textile brand such as "Poivre Blanc” and “Harry Lander's"). 

1998 – 2000  

Marie lives and has exhibitions in USA, in Houston, Texas. She organizes a French exhibition in Houston for the Contemporary Art Festival “Voeux d’Artiste”.

2000 – 2006 

“Bazart”, “Voeux d’Artiste” and “Carré d’artiste” - Collective exhibitions in France and Europe.  

Since 2001   

Teacher “Technical’ colors“ in Graphic design school called “Axe Sud - Ecole de Conde“ in Marseille.

Since 2007    

Created the “Atelier Couleur”, a creative studio for children and adults.

Since 2010   

Exhibition called “Cool Globes” in Marseille. Creation of 2 globe sculptures.

In 2012         

Created 5 globe sculptures for the “World Forum of Water” in Marseille. “Childhood’ globe sculpture was created by children in a workshop during the forum. 

Since 2014  

Marie works on a new series of toy sculptures (recycled) while continuing to teach.

July 2018 July 2019         

Marie lives in Florida where she creates a new serie of paintings titled “Immersion”, still in exhibition in Texas and Florida.

Since July 2019         

Back in Marseille, Marie continues her aquatic series and her teaching activity.

Since January 2023

Represented by Espacce carte Blanche, gallery in Marseille FR.

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